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Turn Your SLC Restaurant Into A Powerful Brand

Welcome to Host Hospitality, the restaurant marketing agency in Salt Lake City.

We specialize in turning F&B brands more visible, recognizable, and profitable with our all-inclusive marketing packages.

Our restaurant marketing packages increase new bookings, repeat customers, and the average spending per guest.


“The new digital marketing powerhouse for restaurants in Salt Lake City” 

–  Utah Business

Designed for small, medium or refined establishments

Berimbau Brazilian Kitchen, NYC

“Host Hospitality has been our secret sauce for the past two years. They’ve  packed our restaurant with the right guests and transformed us from just a restaurant to a beloved brand.”

Digital Strategy

Every package we offer comes with personalized marketing strategy. 

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we meticulously align your restaurant’s business goals with the most impactful digital marketing channels. 

Our expert team revisits your strategy every month, updating it to leverage key events/holidays, creative ideas and the latest industry trends.

Social Media Management

We curate content that profoundly engages and satisfies the appetites of your target audience with mouth-watering photography, engaging videos, and captivating captions.

We manage your online community Monday – Sunday to foster a connected and responsive brand by regularly sharing user-tagged content and promptly answering direct messages.

E-mail Marketing

Keeping customers hooked is an art, and our Email Newsletters are the paintbrush.

We drive customer retention and stimulate repeat bookings by designing enticing newsletters that your guests can’t ignore. 

From highlighting special occasions to introducing new dishes, and from sharing updates to celebrating wins, we keep your restaurant in constant conversation with your guests.

Influencer Marketing

Turn your restaurant into the talk of the town, by having influencers share tantalizing content of your dishes and ambiance to their engaged following.

We create a buzz around your restaurant by collaborating with local food and lifestyle influencers from our vetted list. 

And the best part? We handle everything! From finding the perfect influencer fit for your brand to communication, booking, and managing the partnership.

Paid Social Ads

Maximize your online visibility with our dual-focused social media Ad Strategy: Boosting & Re-targeting.

By boosting, we amplify your restaurant’s exposure, casting a wider net to catch the attention of potential patrons in your local area. This drives greater awareness and, ultimately, more diners at your tables.

With re-targeting, we specifically target those who’ve already shown interest in your brand. Be it email subscribers, social media followers, or website visitors, our ads ensure you stay top of mind, transform their interest into bookings.

Professional Photography

Good food should look as delicious as it tastes, and we make sure it does with our professional photography services. 

We team up with locally-vetted food photographers who, under our marketing team’s guidance, create irresistible content that makes your audience drool. 

Photography is included in all our marketing packages, guaranteeing your marketing efforts are always paired with mouth-watering visuals.

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